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Joey Teofilo

Got heavily into ice fishing about 5 years ago, from trekking into the depths of the backlakes for splake, to fishing the big lakes for whitefish/laketrout/jumbo perch/ burbot and more. I’ve expanded my knowledge through use of sonars, winter wear, preferable ice machines, gear/tackle, targeting certain species and much more. I am in no means a professional angler, just simply a guy who enjoys the thrill of waking up in the morning and chasing that bite through a hole in the ice. Ask me anything and let’s have a chat about our experiences and what I can do to help your time out on the ice better and more enjoyable.

Some acknowledgments was a 2nd place overall for the Canadian tire fishing tournament in all 4 species being lake trout, whitefish, perch and a pike. Ask me how I was able to find those key zones to target those species. I also have a YouTube channel that I post a lot of my winter experiences on so be sure to check that out and follow my adventures through my Instagram @joeyy_tee.

Social media handles

YouTube/ JOEY .T

Instagram/ @joeyy_Tee

Tiktok/ @joeyy_tee

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